Distributed Antenna System

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A DAS (distributed antenna system) is a network of spatially separated antennas that receive their waves from one central antenna, providing a wireless reliable in building network within a geographic area or structure.

A distributed antenna system supports numerous wireless technologies, as well as a public safety system. It offers the capabilities for each industry’s unique specifications, be it healthcare, hospitality, enterprise, or the like, and access to radio communication for first responders in case of an emergency. CSS has shined in the Hospitality industry for many years. With multiple contracts with Marriot, Hyatt and other leading Hotel chains CSS has designed custom DAS and repeater solutions. In recent years the growth of DAS in all industries has made in-building cellular as one of the leading verticals in the technology sector.


Why DAS Communication Systems Are Crucial in an Emergency

Distributed Antenna Systems empower first responders to keep in touch and receive constant updates. This can save lives and prevent unnecessary casualties during an emergency. As reported by CBS news and noted by the federal commission investigating the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, poor communications contributed to the loss of life. For example, announcements to evacuate were not reached by some civilians in the building, and 911 operators were overwhelmed by calls while simultaneously experiencing a lack of awareness about what was happening within the buildings.

How Does Public Safety DAS Work?

A public safety distributed antenna system works similar to a cellular enhancement system. These systems employ repeaters which are placed throughout a building so that all areas can receive and transmit radio frequencies. When responding to an emergency, first responders can use their portable radios, whose signals are enhanced by this wireless repeater infrastructure.

The crucial difference between public safety and cellular DAS is that cellular DAS is intended for repeating data signals for mobile device use throughout a building whereas the public safety DAS is designed and utilized for first responders.

What Are the Requirements for Public Safety DAS?

While emergency communication standards and requirements can vary from state to state or within a state, they have many commonalities. Some include:

distributed antenna systems (DAS) testing requirements and procedures
ongoing monitoring and maintenance standards
penalties for violations
minimum signal strength limits and floor-by-floor signal strength requirements
specified level of robustness and redundancy
a specified frequency band for first responders and safety communications

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