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NYC building code now requires all large structures to have a dedicated wireless two-way communications system for fire department use (FDNY ARCS). These systems allow on-scene communications throughout a building of any size.

FDNY ARCS enables the FDNY and other jurisdictional agencies to communicate inside any building using their portable radios. NYC Fire Code requires an ARCS in all high-rise buildings.

One of the most important tools firefighters have is the radio. Staying in constant real time communication can help identify and evacuate building occupants, as well as avoid dangerous conditions. The portable radios carried by firefighters are powerful, but have limitations within buildings which can block radio frequency. This poses poses a serious risk in the event of an emergency. ‘Dead zones’ increase the danger and risk to firefighters and building occupants.

It is an honor to provide communication infrastructure to ensure our Public Safety Officers can stay in contact when responding to an emergency.

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FDNY ARCS projects by CSS

Cell Signal Solutions makes FDNY ARCS implementation a simple & seamless process

Cell Signal Solutions performs all of the critical functions of ARCS system installation in-house. From engineering & design, installation, permitting, commissioning, testing and inspections, and maintenance. Our worry free turn-key solution will have your fully compliant and reliable system installed on time and under budget.

FDNY ARCS process in 8 simple steps:


Customer provides floor plans for CSS to send competitive quote


CSS designs ARCS and prepare Construction Documents

Construction Permits

File for Plan Examination with FDNY; obtain construction permit


Install Cabling and Antenna Plant; Install RAU/DRC


Commission and Test Complete System

Commissioning Report

File Commissioning Report with FDNY

FDNY Inspection

ARCS Inspection with FDNY

Maintenance and Testing

System Maintenance and 1,2 & 5 Year Testing

FDNY ARCS Resources

FDNY ARCS Resources

NYC Fire CodeThe Fire Code of the City of New York
FDNY Certifications PageFDNY ARCS Certifications and Applications Page
Auxiliary Radio Communication System ApplicationFDNY ARCS Online Application Page
FDNY ARCS Testing ProceduresARC System Visual and Functional Testing Procedures
FDNY Rule 3 AdoptionNEW YORK CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT Notice of Adoption of Final Rule
3 RCNY §511-01, entitled
“In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems”
NYC Building Code 511-01 In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems.§ 511-01 In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems.
Article: Firefighter Safety And Radio CommunicationBackground article on the history and importance of wireless communication, portable radios for fire fighters and other first responders

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