Field Maintenance

Keeping radio systems functioning at peak performance requires regular maintenance to reduce uncertainty and guesswork. BearCom’s preventive maintenance plans keep equipment in top condition, extend service life, confirm that fleet devices operate within manufacturer specs and ensure equipment is fully compliant with FCC regulations.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reduce equipment downtime and the unexpected repair expenses associated with communication system outages. If your two-way radio network is integral to your organization’s operations, it makes sense to put a fixed price plan in place to keep this important system up-and-running when it’s needed most.
Our comprehensive Cell Signal Solutions’ Maintenance Services cover all Public Safety/ERRCS/DAS/BDA equipment coverage including both active and passive equipment (antennas, connectorization, and cabling!)
Cell Signal Solutions provides standard and custom maintenance agreements to fit the needs of any organization. Our consultants can help create a plan to keep your system working at peak performance.
Key benefits of a CSS maintenance contract are:
Protect your investment – Maintain your system to factory standards and ensure it continues to run optimally!
Priority service – Maintenance contract customers always have first priority.
Minimize downtime – Reduce downtime due to equipment failure!
Control your repair costs – No more concerns about out-of-control repair bills!
Used a different company and not happy? Cell Signal Solutions now supports existing systems installed previously to ensure you have piece of mind and support you deserve!

Don’t have a maintenance plan on your existing equipment install?

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