Field Testing

Field Testing

A comprehensive site inspection paired with coverage testing is critical in ensuring buildings have the necessary wireless coverage inside all commercial buildings. This procedure aids in identifying if there's a need to install a distributed antenna system (DAS) for enhanced coverage, and it also provides a benchmark for performance before and after DAS installation. Cell Signal Solutions performs DAS site surveys as a standard protocol prior to designing in-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Through our meticulous site inspection and coverage testing routine, Cell Signal Solutions’ team of RF & DAS experts pinpoint and document all essential information. This includes factors such as weak signal levels and interference. Equipped with this data, along with quality-of-service measurements taken from the external network, our team creates an in-depth analysis and suggestion report. This could potentially include a recommendation for improved services through a DAS implementation.

Our seasoned group of RF and DAS professionals will visit your site to assess the following RF signal and local regulatory considerations:
  • Evaluating propagation variables.
  •  Spectrum analysis of necessary frequencies.
  • Identifying and prioritizing areas of concern.
  • Analyzing donor signal sources including radio and cell towers.
  • Taking unamplified Radio Frequency (RF) measurements, inclusive of RF noise floor and donor signal strength.
  • Assessing RF Inhibitors: These include terrain, topography, and structures.
  • Ensuring compliance with fire safety and building code requirements for ERCES
  • Ascertaining FCC license holder(s) for P25 public safety radio network retransmission agreements.
  • Securing a letter of compliance for AHJ, if the in-building site signal coverage is acceptable and passes code.

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