Why Go local? Competitive Advantages for Choosing a Local RF Testing Company

When it comes to RF testing and integration, it can be daunting to determine how to select the
right company to do the work. Choosing the local RF testing and integration companies have a
distinct advantage over larger, non-local firms due to their proximity and relationships with local
authorities. So why does this really matter? Let’s explore the real benefits of choosing a local RF
testing company and reference a recent real-life story we experienced.
Swift Coordination with Local Authorities
One of the most significant advantages of selecting a local RF testing and integration company is
their ability to establish strong relationships with local authorities, such as the building
department and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). These relationships play a pivotal role
in expediting essential processes and cutting through bureaucratic red tape. As we have
personally experienced, proximity and rapport with the local AHJ enables ease to coordinate
DAQ grid testing and FD radio integration swiftly, ultimately leading to the issuance of a
Certificate of Occupancy (CO) faster.
Timely Response to Emergencies and Last-Minute Changes
Emergencies and last-minute requests can arise unexpectedly in the RF testing domain. In such
scenarios, the agility and responsiveness of a local company can be a game-changer. Being in
close proximity to their customers, testing companies to quickly deploy their expert teams to
address urgent issues promptly. This responsiveness is a game changer versus large national
players who may have to create deployment schedules week’s out and may not have the

In-Depth Knowledge of Local Regulations
Each locality may have specific regulations and standards concerning RF testing and integration.
Local codes change from county to county in many cases. Local RF testing company are wellversed with the nuances of these regulations, ensuring compliance with all the necessary
requirements. As full services RF Testing services company we must stay fully compliant with
local AHJ’s and speak with them multiple times in a week for both feedback and sharing our
best practices. Local knowledge can streamline the process, avoiding unnecessary delays and
preventing potential setbacks that may arise from non-compliance. Another important key is
the use of enterprise-grade testing equipment. In our experience, spending the additional
investment is well worth it. We proudly use best-in-class equipment and find that PCTel offers
the best quality for scanning, receiving, and testing as a manufacturer. https://www.pctel.com/
Understanding Local Infrastructure and Challenges
We are a proud local turn-key systems integrator based in New Jersey. Rather than being a “mile
wide” in covering the entire United States, we intentionally stay local and in turn allows us a
deeper understanding of the local infrastructure, radio frequencies, and potential challenges
unique to the area. This familiarity allows us to design tailored solutions and optimize radio
systems for peak performance. By leveraging knowledge of the local environment, we can
provide a level of service that surpasses that of non-local companies.
How do you approach and support signal testing? National or Local? From swift coordination
with local authorities and timely responses to emergencies to their in-depth knowledge of local
regulations and infrastructure, local companies have a competitive edge over non-local
counterparts. For customers seeking efficient, reliable, and prompt RF testing and integration
services, the benefits of choosing a local company cannot be overstated. Choosing the local RF
testing and integration company should be the top choice for any business seeking to
streamline their operations and ensure compliance with regulations.
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